Decorated Army vet JACK DILLON has it made. His wife SARAH is eight months pregnant with their first child, and Jack is about to receive the Distinguished Service Cross. But on their way to the ceremony a runaway semi slams into their car, killing Sarah. Shattered, and tortured by recurring nightmares of her death, Jack’s life goes to hell. He ends up living on skid row, an emaciated drunk, afraid to remember, terrified to sleep. Jack’s brother TOM gets him to reenter a V.A. detox program; maybe it’ll help stop his night terrors, too. There, Jack meets old combat buddy, HECTOR CRUZ and his sidekick HOBBS, an electronic warfare specialist. Jack survives detox, but the nightmares only intensify. Then he learns he has terminal cancer. So what? Now he can just go ahead and drink himself to death. That’s when a guy from the top secret Nano-Tech Systems shows up, offers Jack big money to participate in a radical experimental treatment that will not only eradicate Jack’s cancer, but his nightmares as well. Skeptical but with nothing to lose, Jack signs on, meets self-serving project head, KARL HEIGL, who explains the process: Using carbon-based nanotubes, they’ll first heal Jack’s body, faster than anything known to medicine. Then they’ll implant rare, bio-based nanotubes directly into the dream center of his brain, altering neurotransmitters and permanently deleting the nightmares.  To prep Jack for treatment, Heigl recruits ELAINE PETRIE, Jack’s former V.A. therapist, who’s had great success treating PTSD via deep-state hypnosis, and who hates Heigl for using vets as guinea pigs. But she works for the V.A., has been forced into the project. She pleads with Jack to quit, says she can stop the nightmares without Heigl, reveals that other vets undergoing Heigl’s treatment have been disappearing. But Jack’s a man of his word, took the money. Things happen fast. Jack’s war injuries are healed and, incredibly, his cancer vanishes. However, his hypno-sessions turn bizarre when, deep in trance, he relives the night of Sarah’s death and discovers he can alter events, stop Sarah’s death – at least in the vivid world of his subconscious. On one occasion, he descends so deeply into the hypnotic state that Elaine can’t detect a pulse. Panicked, she barely manages to bring him back. Jack begs her to return him to the trance state, leave him there with Sarah. Because wherever he was — it was real. And that’s where he wants to be. Alive or dead, doesn’t matter. When Jack learns that Heigl’s “missing” vets have actually been committing suicide, he is outraged. He may not care about himself, but when it comes to abusing other vets, he’s deadly. He determines to destroy Heigl’s experiment from the inside. He secretly recruits Cruz and Hobbs for an all-out electronic assault on Heigl’s computer server and the container holding the only bio-carbon nanotubes in existence. Seconds before the start of Jack’s final PTSD treatment, his head immobilized in a surgical head frame, Elaine reluctantly succumbs to Jack’s request, puts him back into a deep trance state, where he is once again with Sarah. Now, as Heigl’s nanotubes begin firing into Jack’s dream center, Hector and Randall unleash a devastating cyberattack, dumping Heigl’s entire supply of nanotubes into Jack’s brain, and destroying all of Heigl’s programs and research. Following massive seizures, Jack dies. In stunned silence, Heigl’s team watches as pure white light ascends from Jack’s body, then vanishes — at least from this existence. But somewhere else, in some other reality, Jack and Sarah are reunited, sitting on a beach – now with their young daughter, watching a sunset – somewhere.

Written By

Fred Perry

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