Screenplay Selections 2017

Heath Franklin | Screenwriter

FET: Female Engagement Team

Screenplay by Heath Franklin

Shortly after arriving in Afghanistan, Sergeant Iba Itiya is assigned to an all male Special Operations Task Force.

Austin Priester | Screenwriter

In The Wake of Heroes

Screenplay by Austin Priester

Ally Pruitt is a member of an elite combat search and rescue unit. When all others fail, they get the call. The team must learn how to balance their personal sacrifices for the lives of the people they try to save… whatever the cost.

Jackie Perez | Screenwriter

My Fellow American

Screenplay by Jackie Perez

A homeless veteran is invisible to everyone except a precocious six year-old who walks into his life and changes it forever.

Phil Reissman | Screenwriter


Screenplay by Phil Reissman

With only 72 hours until a nuclear terrorist attack, a trial lawyer, inexperienced in espionage, has to determine whether we’ve caught the world’s most wanted terrorist or her innocent double.

Eric W. Carlson | Screenwriter

Reach for the Sky

Screenplay by Eric W. Carlson

In 1964, a young idealistic industrial arts teacher accepts a teaching job in a small rural Missouri high school where he defies the status quo and motivates a group of poor performing students to build an airplane that he promises to fly.

Alan R. Baxter | Screenwriter


Screenplay by Alan R. Baxter

When the local ER shuts down, putting the lives of a small town in danger, an ex-combat medic builds his own run n’ gun ambulance and hits the streets as a one-man mobile hospital.

Dane Pizzuti Krogman | Screenwriter


Screenplay by Dane Pizzuti-Krogman

It’s 1942 and as the US military is in full swing for war they are recruiting as many woman as possible to fill the ranks of men who are to be shipped out for combat. 6 women from various parts of the US find
themselves thrown together after their basic training into advanced training where they will serve as parachute riggers. They must overcome sexism, rape, lesbian affairs, combat training as well as media slander and government experimentation and the love and loss of relationships.

Marcy Kelly & Jane Paulson

Sand Creek

Screenplay by Marcy Kelly, Jane Paulson

The true and tragic story of an idealistic Union officer at a remote Western fort who struggles agains cultural misunderstandings, politics and greed to protect a tribe of Indians against orders from his superior to exterminate them.

Annie Spiczak | Screenwriter

The Blue Eye: Akrotiri

Screenplay by Annie Spiczak

During the height of the Cold War, US Army intelligence officer Annie Holdin leaves the Black Ops community to start a family, only to find herself in the cross hairs of a rogue KGB agent with a grudge while deployed to Cyprus.

Step Rowe | Screenwriter

The Spirit of the Ace

Screenplay by Step Rowe

A young adrenaline junkie, Ronna Kay, faces the physical, mental, and emotional obstacles of UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training), while blazing her own path outside of her legendary father’s shadow.

Bryant Daluz | Screenwriter

You Gotta Dance

Screenplay by Bryant Daluz

Haunted by a dark past, an unwavering father fights for custody of his young daughter while he strives to become a Doctor, and inspire others to change. Based on true events, You Gotta Dance is one man’s story of spiritual awakening in the face of crushing hardships.