Letters: A Hero's Journey to the Medal of Honor

Cpl. Kyle Carpenter relives his journey to the Medal of Honor through letters to his mother. From recruit training to a phone call from the president, Carpenter talks about his recovery after being wounded in Afghanistan and the strength he's drawn from his family. Carpenter received the Medal of Honor for actions in November of 2010 during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. While providing security on a rooftop in Helmand Province, an enemy fighter’s grenade landed on the roof next to Carpenter and his fellow Marine. In an act of courage, Carpenter threw himself on the grenade. After over 40 surgeries and four years of intensive recovery, Carpenter was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Barack Obama.

The Art of Human Salvage

A trailer-short film starring Edward James Olmos and James Walters. Who will save this 10 year old boy from execution?

Almost Home

After years of battle on the frontlines in Afghanistan, an American marine returns home to mend a broken relationship with his dying father. He carries with him the haunting memories of war and a promise he kept to a fallen brother in arms. He may never be able to make peace with what he has seen and done overseas, but if he can make amends with the last living member of his family, maybe a piece of what he once was will return to him.


Outpost is the violent tale of the first colonists marooned on Mars and the constant struggles they face while terraforming the unforgiving planet and laying the foundation for a new society. The year is 2157. Fifteen years before, the Newmont Gordon Corporation (NGC) spearheaded the colonization efforts of Mars with their controversial initiative to “Reform Through Terraform” by sending thousands of Earth’s prisoners (known on the red planet as Transits) to breathe life into this barren soil in exchange for their freedom. All with their own modus operandi. All searching for hope in a hopeless world. Burnt down to their most primal and visceral needs, every last individual on this forsaken planet is caught in the eye of the firestorm as this tumultuous social, economic and political revolution reaches its breaking point.

First Person Shooter

America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have created a new population of American veterans. These soldiers are so severely disabled that they would have died in previous wars, but because of advancements in medical technology, they survived. First Person Shooter is a brief but telling portrait of one of these vets. Army Sergeant Nick Mendes was paralyzed from the neck down by a massive improvised explosive device in Afghanistan in 2011. Despite his physical injuries, Nick's mind is clear and his spirit and sense of humor are intact. In this six minute documentary, he shows us how he's adapted to one of his favorite pre-injury activities, playing video games, so that he can operate the console with just his mouth.

A Soldier's Story: Major Stephen Reich

A small town standout athlete is called up for military duty while the Big League beckons. Major Stephen Reich was the commander of Operation Red Wings, an attempted rescue mission in Kundar Province of Afghanistan in 2005, depicted in the feature film LONE SURVIVOR. Prior to his career in the military, Stephen was a three-sport athlete in high school before starring for Army’s baseball team at West Point. He was on track to pitch in the Major Leagues when the military came calling. Stephen never expressed regret that his promising baseball career lasted only two games for a Baltimore Orioles farm team when the Army summoned him back to active duty. Baseball was his dream, but it always came second to military service. A SOLDIER’S STORY is about a star athlete and American military hero who passed up a Major League baseball career to return to active duty, then tragically paid the ultimate price.

Promise Me

Promise Me paints a touching, intimate portrait of a dying woman's final day on Earth and her plight to right the wrongs of her past, while attempting to convince her recently reconciled son not to follow in her footsteps. Promise Me broaches the topic of Death with Dignity in a society where the practice is mostly illegal.

The Last Time I Heard True Silence

Noah Cass was a machine gunner for the Marine Corps during the 2005 Operation Spear in Iraq. During an over-watch mission, his team was ambushed and a mortar round hit his truck leaving him with permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. When Noah returned home, he dealt with issues common to veterans transitioning into civilian life: aggressive behavior, alcohol addiction, depression, difficulty keeping a job, and relationship problems. Noah eventually hit rock bottom and was desperate for a change. He decided to get sober and started running in the woods nearby. Noah, now a father and husband, enters the 50-mile wilderness race having only completed one 26-mile marathon. This race represents the journey a young soldier faces to help cope with a past that haunts him every day.

The Christmas You Don’t Know

A whimsical short story about a mysterious couple using technology to send Agents into the field to do good deeds. The triple storyline touches on the themes of self-healing (assisting the homeless), reunion (an Army mother reunited with her child after deployment), and redemption (suicide prevention). We learn that Elves, no matter their background, all have a similar trait: the desire to help others. Anyone can be an elf! This short film was written by and stars military veterans.

The Fog

Challenged by his acting coach to open up Daniel Swift has trouble letting go in his craft. Troubled by his traumas, Swift ventures into dangerous emotional territory and learns through the creative process of acting to express emotions previously hidden. This is a visually expressive short film about a practicing actor.