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Showing Sunday May 12 at 12:05pm

Documentary Feature (81 Minutes)
Director: Michael Jorgensen
Production Studio: Myth Merchant Films, Inc.
US Premiere



While performing humanitarian work in Southeast Asia, a war torn veteran of the Vietnam War discovers a man claiming to be an American Special Forces MIA, still living in a remote village 45 years after capture…and so begins the struggle to prove the lost soldier’s identity and reunite him with his family. Deeply moving, Unclaimed offers a compelling reason to revive awareness of the POW/MIA discussion. Have we left some behind?


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The GI Film Festival is aware of the controversy surrounding the film Unclaimed and the fact that some POW groups and activists strongly believe a man featured in the film claiming to be a POW is a fraud.  The government, for its part, has conducted an investigation into the matter and has come to the same conclusion.

The festival will still screen the film — and will issue a statement prior to the screening to let the audience know about the objections to the film and its content — because one of the film festival’s jobs is to screen interesting stories that stimulate public debate and foster conversation.

Whether fact or fiction, Unclaimed is a fascinating story about a Vietnam Veteran, Tom Fraunce, who dedicates himself to bringing home someone he believes to be an American GI left behind.  Even if he is chasing a myth, we feel his story is compelling and worth telling, as long as it is accompanied by a disclosure to viewers about the controversy surrounding it.

In the interest of representing a counterpoint to this film, we include below a link to the government’s official report regarding the man in Vietnam claiming to be a POW.

The opinions expressed in the film Unclaimed, and in the report, do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the GI Film Festival.

Link to report

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