The Hornet’s Nest


The Hornet's Nest

The Hornet’s Nest

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Showing Saturday May 11 at 6:45pm

Location: U.S. Navy Memorial Burke Theater |  701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20004 (arrival at 6:45pm, screening at 7:00pm)

Documentary Feature (95 Minutes)
Directors: Christian Tureaud & David Salzberg
Production Studio: HighRoad Media in Association with Base Productions



A father and son’s struggle to reconnect, after years of separation, soon becomes a fight for survival in the mountains and deserts of Afghanistan in The Hornet’s Nest – a film unlike any other.

Armed only with their cameras, Peabody and Emmy winning war correspondent, Mike Boettcher, and his son, Carlos, spend over a year documenting the most violent era of the Afghanistan war.

With cameras rolling, they are side by side with American forces in some of the conflict’s toughest battles.  In this modern-day We Were Soldiers, they discover that the family bond they seek is right in front of them – displayed daily in the actions of Soldiers and Marines who sacrifice everything to save the lives of their buddies.

A true story captured as it happened on Afghanistan’s battlefields, The Hornet’s Nest is the definitive film document of our nation’s longest war.




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