Souvenirs: Healing After…


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Souvenirs: Healing After War

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Showing Saturday May 11 at 4:10pm

Documentary Feature (88 Minutes)
Director: Mara Pelecis
Production Studio: Documentary Media, LLC
East Coast Premiere



Lyrical, intimate, and sometimes humorous, Souvenirs is a moving eulogy in film. Following Andy Pelecis’ suicide, his daughter Mara unearths the elusive layers of Andy’s mental health, as his case for service related mental illness is reopened post-mortem. Seeking to better understand her father, Mara finds healing in the lives and stories of other veterans. Combining her father’s Bolex footage and photography together with her documentation their family for nearly 20 years, Mara unspools a true story of the impact of war on a veteran and family over decades.



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