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Why Film Scoring Matters: An Interview with a Composer

By Alexina Beckley Music has always played a vital role in…
Thin Red Line | GIFF Blog Post 8/10/2016
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Top 5 Realistic Military Movies

Everyone knows that there is a bit of Hollywood inserted into most military movies. We've compiled a list of our top 5 favorite films that are as close to real as you can get without having to put on a flak jacket.

Future Actor Believes Communication Can Open Doors

by Joonsung Oh A rising sophomore at the United States Military…
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Immigrating to the US Motivated Cadet to be High Achiever

By Stephanie Riley Cadet Joonsung Oh was born in South Korea,…
GIFF Intern - female west point sophomore | Photo is not cadet
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GI Film Fest Intern: Meet Steph

Want to know about an enthusiastic, relatable, and an ingenious member of the GI Film Festival internship team? Meet Stephanie (Steph) Riley, a rising sophomore at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Exclusive: "Gotham" Actor J.W. Cortes Discusses Military's Important Role in Hollywood

GI Film Festival sat down with actor J.W. Cortes to talk about his favorite military films, his role as Detective Alvarez on FOX’s hit prime-time series “GOTHAM,” and his advice to veterans looking to transition into the entertainment industry
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GIFFX Filmmaker Interview: Christopher Nostrand

Mister Morvillo shares the story of his spontaneous trip…
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GIFFX Filmmaker Interview: Kevin Machate

Promise Me paints a touching, intimate portrait of one dying…
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GIFFX Filmmaker Interview: Matt Cooper

Richard Overton, at 109 years old, is the oldest living WWII…
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GIFFX Filmmaker Interview: Dewayne Bontrager

A young boy has to find a way to say goodbye to his deceased…