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Audience scene at the GI Film Festival

There are many valuable benefits when it comes to attending film festivals.

When it comes to the GI Film Festival, this would be the perfect opportunity to establish a network of U.S. military Veteran filmmaker contacts and the civilians who support them.
Indie Creatives in Conversation

A Strategy for Indie Creatives

I’m an independent film producer who helps people understand entertainment business as a sustainable career. Most “indie creative” people do not have a solid plan or strategy for success when they start their journey.
Rise of the Indie Vet Filmmaker

Rise of the Indie Vet Filmmaker

Thanks to organizations like the G.I. Film Festival (GIFF), the growing number of Indie Vet Filmmakers can again portray these ACTs OF VALOR in attempts to bridge an understanding and representation of our veterans.
GI Film Festival Trailer Wars 2017

The movie trailer, do we love it?

The GI Film Festival is excited to announce “Trailer Wars” for GIFF 2017. Vote for your favorite trailer every week until we narrow it down to our lucky winner, who will be announced once the festival is kicked off.
Entertainment Business in Fresno CA | GI Film Festival

Insight from international actor on GI Film Festival

I was recently and very kindly offered the opportunity to be a guest blogger for the Fulton Film Company. The topic - film festivals. As an international actor film festivals worldwide are very important to me personally.
Should I Go To A Film Festival?

Should I go to a film festival?

Film lovers and independent filmmakers should attend film festivals to meet like-minded people who love movies. I list of things that a person would consider before attending a festival of their choice.
Casey Stafford | US Army Veteran

US Army veteran writes about GI Film Festival | Casey Stafford

I can tell you first hand that one of the most difficult things a veteran can do is relate to someone who has not experienced war. GIFF 2017 is an incredibly vital tool in connecting our veterans and civilians.
Thin Red Line | GIFF Blog Post 8/10/2016

Top 5 Realistic Military Movies

Everyone knows that there is a bit of Hollywood inserted into most military movies. We've compiled a list of our top 5 favorite films that are as close to real as you can get without having to put on a flak jacket.
GIFF Intern - female west point sophomore | Photo is not cadet

GI Film Fest Intern: Meet Steph

Want to know about an enthusiastic, relatable, and an ingenious member of the GI Film Festival internship team? Meet Stephanie (Steph) Riley, a rising sophomore at the United States Military Academy at West Point.
Mary Pickford

The Love Light

Part 2 of the 3 part series on women in war film. Filmed in 1921, The Love Light was ostensibly a vehicle for Mary Pickford to do what she did best – that is to say playing a sweet, beguiling heroine.
Barbed Wire

Women in War on Film Part I

When we think about films depicting war, it’s fair to say that for the most part (though not always) they are seen from a male perspective and Pola 2have a verymasculine feel.
A Moment To Remember Our POW & MIAs

A Moment to Remember our POW and MIAs

We all salute our troops who served on Veterans Day and mourn for those who lost their lives on Memorial Day, but what about those who fought to stay alive on foreign soil?