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Who Sank Your Ships?

Directed by Ella Kohn

Short Narrative
Israel | 24 min | 2017

Yuli, a petite military photographer, is in love with Michael. Michael has a girlfriend. One night, as Yuli witnesses a harsh fight between them, she decides to follow Michael. Through Yuli’s dreamy eyes, a dreary military night becomes magical.

Who Sank Your Ships? - Poster

Who Sank Your Ships?- Ella KohnElla Kohn
Director, Writer, Editor

Ella Kohn was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1990. At the age of three Ella’s first choice of costume was Charlie Chaplin, and she has been in love with cinema, and especially with comedy, ever since.

Ella continued to pursue her passion for cinema during her military service, serving in the Israeli Defense Forces as a Military Photographer and as the head of the video department of the military intelligence in Israel’s northern command. She was drafted a few days after the end of Operation ‘Cast Lead’ (2009) and experienced heavy missile fire during her training near the Gaza Strip. During her service she filmed and edited a variety of military drills on the Syrian border, and was selected twice as an Honor Graduate.

Her experiences during her military service, and her natural love for humor inspired her in creating her short film: “Who Sank Your Ships?”. The production’s entire cast and crew consisted of veterans of the IDF. This fact has contributed to the team work and dynamics on the set, and highly affected the script which includes some of the lead actors’ first hand experiences in the army.

Ella recently acquired an MA in Film Studies and Russian from the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University, and holds a certificate of advanced studies in the Russian Language from the Alexander Herzen University in Saint Petersburg.

Ella currently works as a freelance editor and at the props department of the Russian-Israeli Theater “Gesher”. She is currently developing her first feature film, which is also based on her experiences in the military.

Film Information

Director: Ella Kohn
Country: Israel
Year: 2017
Language: Hebrew
Runtime: 24 min
English Subtitles


Producer: Hila Weissman
Assistant Director: Diana Galstyan
Online Editing: Ilya Marcus
Sound Design: Rotem Dror
Ella Kohn
Editor: Ella Kohn
Cinematographer/DP:  Misha Kaminsky
Sound Recording: Sergey Vlasov
Cast: Ruth Rasiuk, Adi Kvetner, Anastasia Fein, Shir Shinar, Yael Folman, Tovit Semay, Gal Ben, Ori Atia, Amit Regev, Yuval Orion.
Special thanks: Gogol Bordello.

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