We Answered the Call

We Answered the Call

$15 (*Film Block)

Documentary Short

30 Minutes

Crown Jewel Productions

We Answered the Call tells the story of Col. James Wilhite, a 20-year college professor from Oklahoma. At age 57, he was called to active duty and worked with faculty from the United States Military Academy along with Afghan forces to build and open the National Military Academy of Afghanistan (NMAA). The mission had no initial budget, no full-time staff and a ten-month deadline – all while in the middle of a war zone.

The task appeared to be impossible, but Wilhite didn’t believe in the impossible. “I have told my students that I felt I was placed on this earth to teach, to make a difference in someone’s life regardless of their age. I have always loved teaching, and that is what I believe my calling is”. Through teamwork, savvy and a “never say die” attitude, Wilhite and his colleagues accomplished the impossible.

Scott Holmgren  – Director

Writer, director, and producer, Scott Holmgren has worked in video production, publishing, creative design, and marketing over a 25 year career. After studying film and screenwriting at Columbia College in Chicago, IL, he worked for a publishing company, an investment firm and a private foundation.

Most recently he is a regional marketing leader for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. When his oldest son attended West Point, he served as President of the West Point Parents Club of Central Florida. In 2012 he and COL James Wilhite formed Crown Jewel Productions to bring the story of We Answered the Call to life as a film. Originally from Chicago, but still a lifelong Cubs fan, he now lives in Windermere, FL.

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