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Documentary Short

15 Minutes

Qallam Content

Around a campfire, three infantry veterans candidly talk about their experiences in Kandahar. Relying on helmet camera footage from their tour, the film contrasts the here and there, delivering an unforgettable insight into the warrior psyche.

Christian Cieplik & Maria-Nicole Miriklis – Co-Directors

Christian, is one-half of the creative team behind this film. In late 2006 he joined the military, after first completing his degree in Political Science. On returning from Afghanistan, he was commissioned as an Officer. However, he is still compromising the military life with his personal goals.In 2011 he wrote an

In 2011 he wrote an Op-Ed in the Toronto Star on November 11th, Remembrance Day, explaining the bond he shares with his brothers on this unique day of reflection. He has also traveled to schools in Toronto and spoke about war and peace building to his young audiences.

This is his first film. He worked with his wife and media professional, Maria-Nicole Miriklis to bring this experience to the screen. On working together, he says “it’s another shared experience on this journey. Working together, brought us closer together.” 

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