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Fri. May 26, 2017 – 12:30 pm | The U.S. Navy Memorial Theater

Vets Helping Vets: A Medal of Honor Surprise

Directed by Annie Nelson

Short Documentary
United States | 4 min | 2017

On a sunny Saturday in Oceanside CA veterans, civilians, volunteers from all over flock to the Elks Lodge to attend the Forgotten Sons MC RIDE TO LIVE fundraiser and awareness event in support of American Soldier Network’s efforts to prevent veteran/military suicide. This day the guest of honor Medal of Honor Vietnam veteran John Baca. Baca awarded our Nation’s honor for his heroic actions in Vietnam himself had fallen on hard times here at home, unbeknown to him nor the majority of the crowd that he himself was about to be pulled out of that fox hole today in a surprise like no other. When American Soldier Network founder heard of Baca’s need of a vehicle, Annie Nelson was determined to move heaven and earth to find 4 wheels and a running board for her hero. Little did she know that would not be an easy task. After a year-long quest…. And reaching out to fellow Medal of Honor Dakota Meyer the magic started to happen and what unfolds in “Vets Helping Vets A Medal of Honor Surprise” is the story of not just our hero receiving a vehicle, but the true love of brotherhood, the bond our veterans have that surpasses their time in service and the power of Vets helping Vets. Thanks to Toyota USA, the Nice Guys of San Diego, Purina, Hills, MWI Animal Health, American Soldier Network, the Forgotten Sons MC and the hundreds of people in attendance for this truly epic day. We hope you enjoy…. “Vets Helping Vets”

Vets Helping Vets: A Medal of Honor Surprise

Vets Helping Vets - Annie NelsonAnnie Nelson
Director, Executive Producer

In 1996 Annie Nelson, a former television broadcaster, model and fundraiser, founded Angels Within.
Originally envisioned as a service organization, Angels Within has now become much more: American Soldier Network.
Through this organization Ms. Nelson is doing the job that should have been done when our troops came back home from Vietnam. She is bringing honor to the men and women of the United States Military.
For the past 12 years, and going strong Annie has dedicated her life to spreading Patriotism across the United States by raising awareness for the needs of our veterans, our injured soldiers, their families and the challenges they all face during the reintegration process when they return from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Her efforts in turn will raise funds which will help veterans from all eras and continue to educate our country on the importance of all Americans supporting our troops everyday!
Annie’s true commitment and passion for the troops is infectious! Please join her and the rest of the American Soldier Network team in supporting our veterans, military personnel and their families.

Film Information

Director: Annie Nelson
Country: United States
Year: 2017
Language: English
Runtime: 4 min


Host: Tim Abell
Executive Producer: Annie Nelson
Producer: George Ohan
Editor: Ryan Fuller
Writer: Annie Nelson

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