$15 (*Film Block)

Documentary Short

16 Minutes

Paper Hat Films

Tourist follows an aging veteran’s return to Vietnam after 45 years. After a unique experience in the war as a U.S. military advisor, the film’s subject provides a largely unknown perspective on an increasingly forgotten war. This film explores themes of guilt, healing and the painful ironies of war. The short film was shot over a ten-day period in Vietnam.

Jared Jakins – Director

Jared Jakins is a South African-born filmmaker. He has directed and produced multiple award-winning films, including Ghosts on the Mountain (2014). Jared has lent his talents to work on multiple award-winning feature-length films, including the SXSW Grand Jury and Audience Award Winning film, Peace Officer (2015).

He has served on the jury for the shorts film competition at The Heartland Film Festival. Jared is interested in stories of cultural intersections and seeks to document images of community and identity emerging from the collisions. He lives in Utah with his family and a camera.

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