Three Fingers

Three Fingers

$35 (*Special Event)

Narrative Short

12 Minutes

Farmdog, Sunset Junction, Yorktel, Bindlestiff Pictures

Jesstine “Jesse” Brooks, a young female Marine war veteran struggles to navigate her disintegrating life after returning from being wounded in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. As she fails to cope with her worsening PTSD, she grapples with the loss of her job, the departure of her fiancé and her own ongoing volatile behavior. When she realizes there is nothing left, she is forced into making the ultimate life or death choice.

Paul D. Hart – Director

Born in Louisville, KY, Paul grew up all throughout the southeast before relocating to California. He studied at the Los Angeles Film School graduating with honors while attaining an editing major and directing minor. Since that time, Hart has contributed to the indie film-making community, not only as a writer and director, but as a skilled gaffer and cinematographer. His current film, Three Fingers, is early in its festival run having already garnered multiple jury awards.

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