The Long Way Back

The Long Way Back

$45(*Special Event)

Narrative Short

10 Minutes

Offset Films

The Long Way Back is a short narrative film that tells the story of the daily struggle of survivor’s guilt, depression, and the contemplation of suicide from a veteran’s perspective. For many veterans, though they may have left the battlefield and returned home, mentally, many have not yet completely returned. This film tells the story of one veteran and the path he has chosen on his journey back home, the long way back.

AJ Miller – Director

AJ Miller is a Filmmaker, Writer, Cinematographer, and Video Artist.   Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, at the age of 18, he enlisted in the Armed Forces, serving 18 years (11 years active duty, 7 years guard).  He deployed to the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan.  AJ mostly works in themes that question issues of conflict, media, and the environment.  The medium AJ works in is primarily cinematography.   

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