The Last Man Club

The Last Man Club


Narrative Feature

95 Minutes

Pandolph Productions

The Last Man Club is a story about four World War II veterans who served together on a B-17 Bomber. After losing touch over the years they each find themselves trapped in life circumstances and are all too compliant to live out their last days in their own “private little hell”. Pete is dying in a veteran’s hospital and it’s his nurse, Ripley who helps him find the last known address of Eagle, his Captain and pilot of their beloved B-17.

Pete’s letter finds Eagle living in his son’s home, stripped of his privileges and housebound. The letter informs him that he is the last man after Pete passes and he must fulfill the oath they had all taken after the war. What Eagle first sees as impossible, he is jarred from his fears when he learns that he will soon be going to a retirement home. Dressed in his reunion military uniform he steals the battery from his son’s car and escapes in his late wife’s 1958 Ford Fairlane. At the start of his journey, Eagle meets up with the most unlikely of accomplishes.

Romy is an attractive young woman on the run from her abusive gangster boyfriend. Through a series of happenstance Romy becomes Eagle’s unwilling tour guide. As they travel cross country Eagle teaches Romy to respect herself and through Romy’s friendship, Eagle conquers his own limitations, finds vitality and a life worth living. They venture through the backroads of America, in a race to complete their mission, as the police, the FBI, a dangerous gangster and Eagle’s family try to figure out this band of geriatric’s next move.

Bo Brinkman – Director

Bo Brinkman is a Houston native, he moved to New York City at an early age to pursue a career in theater. There he became a member of the famous Actors Studio and a founding member of Cactus Theater where is wrote, directed and or acted in over thirty plays. He launched into film work with such films as “Ice House”, “Gods and Generals” and “Gettysburg”.

After a ten year hiatus, he premiered, “The Last Mark” at Worldfest in 2014. He resurrected his original script, “Last Man Club” after attempting to make the movie for over 15 years with a series of obstacles preventing complete production until 2015.

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