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Fri. May 26, 2017 – 12:30 pm | The U.S. Navy Memorial Theater

Ten Thousand Miles

Directed by Nathan Ellis

Short Narrative
United States | 21 min | 2016

When the worst happens in combat, Soldiers rely on their team for survival…but what does it take to survive the worst back home?

Nathan Ellis | Ten Thousand MilesNathan Ellis
Director, Producer, Writer

Growing up outside Boston in a family of five children, Nathan has always had a strong creative drive. Ever since he was a young child, Nathan has been creating his own stories, characters, music and films. Developing strong interests in both filmmaking and aviation, Nathan decided he could work with both.

After graduating from college at the top of his class and being ranked as the number-one ROTC cadet nationwide selected for the US Army Aviation Branch, Nathan served seven years active duty service as a helicopter pilot, having deployed into combat operations in Afghanistan. While in service, Nathan gained unparalleled life experience and excelled as a leader, receiving such accolades as the Bronze Star and an Air Medal with Valor.

Nathan recently received an MFA in Film Production from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts and currently holds the rights and has a completed screenplay for the best-selling book “Chickenhawk” — the memoirs of a Vietnam helicopter pilot.

Ten Thousand Miles Poster

Film Information

Director: Nathan Ellis
Country: United States
Year: 2016
Language: English
Runtime: 21 min


Producers: Michelle E. Campbell, Nathan Ellis, Ian McClellan, Coerte Voorhees
Executive Producer: Adam Ellis, Jason Ellis, Dan Gabriel, Dan Galgano, Richie Hartz, John MacDonald, Andrius Mazeika, Kate Mazeika, Lu Ning, Kip Piper, Jonathan Siegel, David Smothers, Daniel Stack,
Associate Producer: Kash Zehnder
Cinematographer/DP:  Matthew Halla
Original Music/Composer:  Reuven Herman
Assistant Director:
  Michael Hoopingarner, Alen Pljesa

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