Steel Leaves

Steel Leaves

$15 (*Film Block)

Documentary Short

10 Minutes

AO Films

For most veterans, war doesn’t stop when the bombs and bullets stop flying. It continues when they return home. More than 22 veterans commit suicide each day. Elder Heart is a veteran’s organization started by a former Green Beret who realized something needed to be done to assist veterans in transitioning back to normal every day life. It focuses on community projects that raise awareness for the problem of veteran suicides. This is their story.

Ryan Welch – Director

Ryan Welch comes from a long line of storytellers. His great-grandfather told stories with artists’ pencils. His grandfather with film – and his father with words. While he maintains an interest in all three, his passion lies in telling stories using moving images. Ryan and his business partner, Ryan Rossman work together for AO Films, a production company specializing commercial and documentary work.

Whether behind the camera or in front of the computer editing, his goal is to convey a story that evokes emotion and creativity.  Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Ryan lives with his wife Susan and son and daughter in Eugene, Oregon. 

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