Promise Me

Promise Me

$15 (*Film Block)

Narrative Short

8 Minutes

Who’s That? Productions

Promise Me paints a touching, intimate portrait of a dying woman’s final day on Earth and her plight to right the wrongs of her past, while attempting to convince her recently reconciled son not to follow in her footsteps. Promise Me broaches the topic of Death with Dignity in a society where the practice is mostly illegal.

Kevin Machate – Director

Kevin graduated from the University of Texas with a BA in American Studies and a minor in History. Although he began his film career as an actor, he quickly moved into Producing and eventually Directing. Kevin’s films have won numerous awards worldwide having been screened in various cities in the US, Europe, South America, Oceania, and Asia. This is his eighth short film as Producer and sixth as Director. He is a veteran of the US Air Force and a three-time Guinness World Record holder. Kevin was recently featured by Business Insider magazine as one of the most “Impressive Students at the University of Texas.”  He currently resides in Los Angeles with his dog, Moose.

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