$15 (*Film Block)

Narrative Short

7 Minutes

Planet Lander Entertainment

Outpost is the violent tale of the first colonists marooned on Mars and the constant struggles they face while terraforming the unforgiving planet and laying the foundation for a new society. The year is 2157. Fifteen years before, the Newmont Gordon Corporation (NGC) spearheaded the colonization efforts of Mars with their controversial initiative to “Reform Through Terraform” by sending thousands of Earth’s prisoners (known on the red planet as Transits) to breathe life into this barren soil in exchange for their freedom. All with their own modus operandi. All searching for hope in a hopeless world. Burnt down to their most primal and visceral needs, every last individual on this forsaken planet is caught in the eye of the firestorm as this tumultuous social, economic and political revolution reaches its breaking point.

Jake Hansen – Director

A. Jake Hansen was raised in Lander, Wyoming and went into the Marine Corps at 18.   Following his service and sometimes contracting for the Department of Defense, he attended the New York Film Academy’s Screenwriting Program as well as filmmaking at the Los Angeles Film School.   While attending LA Film, he worked to complete his first short film/proof of concept production, ‘Outpost.’

After graduating, he spent some time at DreamWorks Animation before setting out on his own as an independent writer, director, and producer. Working with his producing partner David Pitt and with several projects in development including ‘Outpost,’ Jake is currently in pre-production on their dramatic thriller, “County Three.”     

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