Naptown Funk

Naptown Funk

$45(*Special Event)

Music Video

4 Minutes

Naptown Funk is a remix parody of the wildly-popular Uptown Funk feat. Bruno Mars by Mark Ronson. The music video was filmed with the entire cast and crew comprised of Midshipmen attending the Naval Academy. The city of Annapolis was gracious enough to waive all permit fees and allow Rylan and the crew to film on Maryland Avenue. Naptown’s budget was $0, as the equipment, choreography, and music production were all from the Midshipmen themselves. After the online premiere of the video only six days after filming, the video reached over a million views. CNN and Fox News covered Naptown Funk culminating in a live interview on Fox & Friends. The video now has over 4.6M views on YouTube.

Rylan Tuohy – Director

Rylan Tuohy is a 22-year-old filmmaker and photographer from Greenville, Kentucky. His momentum in new media was sparked by attending Kentucky’s Governor’s School for the Arts and propelled after being shortlisted in the Sony World Photography Awards for the top ten student photographers in 2012. Instead of heading to film school, Rylan wanted a different path to filmmaking by pursuing an undergraduate degree in applied physics at the United States Naval Academy and a graduate degree in project management at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Seen as an opportunity to use his passion for filmmaking in his unique position in the military, Rylan began making creative online content. Now, more than 6.5M views on YouTube, Rylan’s videos have aired on CBS Sports, ESPN, and Fox News with a live interview on Fox & Friends. In addition, Rylan’s Naptown Funk, being screened at the GIFFX, was on CNN’s top videos of 2015.  In his spare time, Rylan enjoys “instagraming” his journeys, from sailing to Nova Scotia and Bermuda to hiking in East-Timor.

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