Mister Morvillo

Mister Morvillo

$15 (*Film Block)

Documentary Short

13 Minutes

Nostrand Productions

Mister Morvillo shares the story of his spontaneous trip to the state of Florida that led him to a military plumbing position in the Korean War. By the end of his journey, Mister Morvillo discovers one of the most important assets in life. In the creation of the film, producer/director Christopher Nostrand and assistant director Daniela Florez interviewed Chris’s grandfather, Mr. Morvillo, for his life story. But in the creative edit of the film the decision was made to zone in on Mister Morvillo’s time leading up to and through the Korean War. The elements used in the film along side the sit-down interview with Mister Morvillo are actual photographs he took while serving in Korea, archival news footage, and reenactments.

Christopher Nostrand – Director

Christopher Nostrand is an American filmmaker from New York’s Hudson Valley.  Video production started as a hobby for Christopher at an early age and led him to pursue an academic career in the art of film making. Christopher earned his Masters of Fine Arts in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College in 2015 and previously earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from in Radio/TV Production at SUNY New Paltz in 2011.

Christopher’s achievements include a CINE Golden Eagle award, 4 Tellys awards, a Research Symposium award, 2 Best Documentary awards, a Best Cinematography award, and an Audience Choice award and has screened at film festivals such as Woodstock Film Festival, GI Film Festival, and Black Maria Film Festival. CCurrently Christopher owns and operates his film and video production company Nostrand Productions in Kingston, New York.“The creation of

“The creation of film is parallel to the painter and the painters canvas.  In film, our canvas is the two-dimensional screen that we use to create new realities within each brushstroke or subjective choice we make.  As Filmmakers, our highlights are lights and our blacks are shadows to create the illusion of depth to engage our audiences.  But our greatest strength is the powerful tool of meaning which master storytellers can only achieve.”

– Christopher Nostrand 

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