Lost in Time

Lost in Time

$15 (*Film Block)

Narrative Short

30 minutes

Why Wait Productions

Tessa is a girl deeply in love waiting for her fiancé, Hunter, to return home from fighting overseas. While waiting for her lost love, Tessa falls into everyday routines of waiting for Hunter’s letters, phone calls, and webchats to fill the void in her life. She and Hunter’s sister, Hannah, have always had a close relationship, but things have now become tense between the two and Tessa has been avoiding her since Hunter’s departure. Tessa just wants to be home and keep her life exactly the same as when Hunter left it, excitedly awaiting his return. Meanwhile, a lost dog (Gizmo the Chihuahua), changes Tessa’s life and may help her embrace the future.

Jahnna Lee Randall – Director

Originally from Wisconsin, Jahnna Lee moved to California to reach her dreams of working in the entertainment industry as an actress. While going to audition after audition and being stuck in LA traffic, Jahnna Lee decided to shape her own destiny by beginning her own film company Why Wait Productions to create opportunities for herself! She has created web series, short films, music videos, comedy sketches and a handful of technology review videos that have over 700,000 views on her YouTube channel.

Her web series 2Fur1 & Dating Disasters has landed her 9 awards and the cover of Hollywood & Vine magazine. She is one determined individual and doesn’t seem to be slowing down, which has now led her to the creation of Lost in Time. She was inspired to create something dramatic that was geared towards the people being left behind by their loved ones going off to war. Once she was finished with the script, she set out to build a core team and she could not have asked for a more passionate group of dedicated and talented individuals who make for an amazing collaborative team! She believes filmmaking is teamwork and no one person can do it alone! It takes a family!

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