Living For The Ones Who Can’t

Living For The Ones Who Can’t

$15 (*Film Block)

Documentary Short

13 Minutes

Offset Films

Living For The Ones Who Can’t is a tribute to two fallen Rangers that lost their lives on a misson in Iraq that went tragically wrong. Narrated by Article 15’s own Mat Best and Vincent Vargas, the story focuses on the teachings and mentorship of their former team leaders, US Army Rangers SSG Ricardo Barraza and SGT Dale Brehm. This story is a testament to the ones that have led and mentored us in our lives, and how those individuals helped shaped us into the people we are today.

AJ Miller – Director

AJ MILLER is a Filmmaker, Writer, Cinematographer, and Video Artist.   Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, at the age of 18, he enlisted in the Armed Forces serving 18 years (11 years active duty, 7 years guard).  He deployed to the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan.  AJ mostly works in themes that question issues of conflict, media, and the environment.  The medium AJ works in is primarily cinematography.   

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