USS Indianapolis: The Legacy

USS Indianapolis: The Legacy


Documentary Feature

98 Minutes

FIlms by Serendipity

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10 Years of Filming… 104 Interviews… One Story.

The Legacy Project tells the fate of the World War II heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis using exclusively first-person accounts. The last crew and their families share gripping stories of kamikaze attacks, invasions, a secret mission, and ultimately a devastating torpedo attack that killed three fourths of the crew. The survivors recall the 5 days they spent floating alone in the Pacific Ocean, their miraculous rescue, and how they fought together to clear their captain’s name.

Start to finish, this feature-length film flows from survivor to survivor as they finish each other’s sentences. Set to a completely original score, the incredible story unfolds with rare WWII footage, a collection of previously unpublished photographs, open-ocean reenactments, and new footage from one of the last WWII era heavy cruisers in existence.

Sara Vladic – Director

Prior to taking on directing feature films, Sara spent 16 years working in various departments on set. She filled roles such as: Production Office Coordinator, Production Manager, Editor & Post Supervisor, Writer & Director for commercials and live news, Talent Coordinator, Live Event Producer, and even Stunt Woman. Having hands-on experience in all these areas helps her understand the dynamics of filmmaking, and what it takes to run a crew.

Sara is a member of the Producer’s Guild of America, and her directing and producing credits include: Kid’s Choice Awards International Director/Producer, National Geographic Producer, Fight or Flight Music Video Co-Producer, Good Morning America Director/Producer, NS Live News 6 (Los Angeles) Director, among others–and she treats her PAs well.

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