I Did Not Forget You

I Did Not Forget You

$15 (*Film Block)

Narrative Short

24 Minutes


Major Abraham Vance, a U.S. Special Forces veteran, survives a tragic event that forces him to return home with a life-changing injury and a promise to find the daughter of a fallen comrade. He later finds her in Mexico, embroiled in a world of drugs and sex trafficking. In his efforts to return her to the U.S., they strike up an unlikely friendship. Their fragile bond may be the only path they have left to healing and hope.

John Farmanesh-Bocca – Director

February 2016 at The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, where it garnered The People’s Choice Award – Best Short Film  The son of an Air Force General, John Farmanesh-Bocca has spent most of his life as a professional Stage Actor, Theatre Director, and Producer.

Much of John’s childhood was spent traveling as part of a military family throughout Europe and the Middle East, but primarily he grew up in San Antonio and Austin Texas until age 11. Thereafter, he lived on The Monterey Peninsula in Central California where he attended High School. Both parents worked for the U.S. military teaching at the The Defense Language Institute. His brother has served two tours in Iraq as a doctor.

John is founding Artistic Director of Not Man Apart – Physical Theatre Ensemble (NMA) – Which was named by Backstage Magazine as one of the 13 innovative physical theatre troupes in the world. The theatre company has primarily produced plays surrounding the topic of War. Most recently in Los Angeles Ellen McLaughlin’s ‘Ajax in Iraq.’ A parable of the warrior Ajax and a modern day female combatant.  John trained at NYU’s Experimental Theatre Wing for Acting and served as a Directing Fellow at the Juilliard School Drama Division (03-05).

The Juilliard Journal recently did an article on John and his theatre company’s relationship with war plays.  Link – http://www.juilliard.edu/journal/1505/q-a-john-farmanesh-bocca. Currently John is adapting a novel THE ODDS: A LOVE STORY by Stewart O’Nan into a screenplay for END STOP STAR ENTERTAINMENT. 

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