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Greatest Generation

Sat. May 27, 2017 – 10:00 am | The U.S. Navy Memorial Theater


Directed by Thomas Hale

Short Documentary
United States | 24 min | 2016

95-year-old Ed Weisberger describes flying Allied gliders in WWII (‘nobody bothered to tell us they were suicide missions’), the invasion of Germany (‘it was great until the German tanks showed up’), and the invasion of Holland (‘there wasn’t much to do there except dodge bullets’).

The film features never-before-seen WW2 photos from the private collections of American glider pilots, as well as stunning film footage from the US government archives.

A keen observer with an astonishing memory and an acid tongue. Ed’s poignant, funny stories showcase an uncontainable personality and shed light on a largely unknown aspect of American history.

Glider - Thomas HaleThomas Hale
Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer

Thomas Hale is New York based film director and writer. His career began at 14 when he started a rock-and-roll band. He went on to extensive travel in Europe and the Middle East, studies of Art History and French in Paris, a stint as a recording engineer, a degree in European History, and film school in Toronto (Ryerson). His director credits include an acclaimed TV movie, award-winning TV commercials, episodic drama, and broadcast documentaries and series. He also has numerous credits as producer, cinematographer, writer, editor, and sound recordist including major projects in Europe and Asia.


Film Information

Director: Thomas Hale
Country: United States
Year: 2016
Language: English
Runtime: 24 min


Writer: Thomas Hale 

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