Glasses Forgot

Glasses Forgot

$15 (*Film Block)

Narrative Short

2 Minutes

After assuring a friend he has his glasses, Lewis doesn’t remember where he has placed them or what he’s done with the glasses he needs to return to a friend who’s just outside his door waiting for Lewis to bring them to him. The situation causes Lewis to panic, before realizing what he’s looking for is literally right in front of his face.

Tony Ware – Director

Tony Ware began his career in the entertainment industry acting in such films as Evan Almighty, Moving, Atlantis Down, and most recently, Cycle.  His first semi-solo movie project is Walking the Line, a short film he produced, along with writer-director Casey Barxton.  A desire to create his first solo movie project lead him to write/produce/direct and star in Glasses Forgot, a short-short film, a sort of slice-of-life humor film making its big screen debut at the 2016 GI Film Festival.

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