$15 (*Film Block)

Documentary Short

16 Minutes

Patrick Humphrey only knew his father through the life stories he would tell – stories of covert operations as a frogman and Navy SEAL in Vietnam. With each story told, Patrick felt he gained not only a piece of his father but a piece of history, as if becoming a steward of precious family heirlooms. Yet, when his father started performing secret intelligence for the US government, there were stories he could never tell and hardships that ultimately tore the family apart. Frogman delves into the sacrifices and burdens of a family where keeping secrets became part of the job, and explores just how much we can know someone through the stories we inherit.

Tyler Trumbo – Director

Tyler Trumbo is a non-fiction filmmaker born and raised along the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. His work has been shown around the world including screenings at the Sheffield Doc/Fest, Slamdance Film Festival, San Francisco DocFest, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, and the Virginia Film Festival. He previously worked as a producer and editor for Two Rivers Multimedia Solutions, showcasing the passions of artisans and musicians that call the Appalachian mountains their home. Tyler holds an M.F.A in Documentary Film and Video from Stanford University and is currently an adjunct assistant professor at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.

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