Escape from Firebase Kate

Escape from Firebase Kate

$15 (*Film Block)

Documentary Feature

61 Minute

Storytellers International

Escape from Firebase Kate recounts the true story of an intense three-day siege during the Vietnam War in 1969. 21-year-old U.S. Army Special Forces Captain William Albracht is assigned command of Firebase Kate, making him the youngest commanding officer in Vietnam. 26 American troops and 100 indigenous Montenard infantry occupy the small artillery outpost near the Vietnam-Cambodia border just off the Ho Chi Minh trail. The base comes under heavy attack the day Albracht arrives and what is initially assumed to be a small contingent of enemy soldiers, reveals itself as thousands of North Vietnamese troops making a push across the border into South Vietnam. In danger of being overrun, the only option is a late night daring escape through a jungle filled with NVA soldiers.

Paul Kakert – Director

Producer, Cinematographer/DP, Editor, Sound Editor and Art Director for Escape from Firebase Kate – his second full-length documentary film. Paul directed and produced the 2010 1-hour documentary Train to Nowhere: Inside an Immigrant Death Investigation (see that aired on regional PBS and was available on Netflix from 2012-14. Paul founded Storytellers International in 2009. The non-profit organization produces documentary films on stories from around the world. As President and director of all productions for the organization, his goal is to build an online, fanatic audience for documentary films through Storyteller’s community website

In addition to promoting the films he and other independent producers create, the organization actively solicits story ideas from a growing community at Anyone can pitch a story they would like to see SI produce. Paul’s goal is to inspire the public to share what is important to them, and most importantly, to hear from those who are close to the stories and the people involved. Films by Storytellers have taken Paul to India and Kosovo and throughout the US to meet his vision of bringing a world of stories to a diverse audience. Paul also has owned and operated Effective Digital Presentations (see a video and multimedia production company in Iowa since 1991 and has produced videos and 3D animations for broadcast, the federal government, non-profit organizations, higher education, and corporate businesses throughout the United States. 

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