$15 (*Film Block)

Narrative Short

14 Minutes

LA 3 Productions & McBain Entertainment

Embedded shares the story of a military wife adjusting to the transition of her husband. It has been 3 years since Sergeant Drake Baker has returned to civilian life. Over the years, Drake develops an alcohol addiction to help cope with his PTSD and aid in his attempt to live a ‘normal’ life with his wife, Ana and their young son, Noah. But tonight Ana has had enough. She confronts Drake about his alcohol dependency and the pain it has caused her and Noah. Now Drake much choose between the struggles from his past and a future with his family.

Stephanie McBain – Director

Stephanie McBain is a Director originally from Cedarburg, Wisconsin. She started as an Actress and soon switched to behind the camera when she fell in love with Directing. She has lent her talents to many areas of the Entertainment Industry.  “Embedded,” is her Directorial Debut and the first of many. She is very excited for people to see this film. Since Directing ‘Embedded,’ she has finished Executive Producing and Directing a comedy pilot for pitch, she is currently Directing a campaign for “Operation Never Forgotten,” a non-profit military organization.

She also just signed on to Direct her first feature film! Since ‘Embedded,’ wrapped in June of 2015 she has been blessed enough to be directing projects back to back and she absolutely loves it! She would like to thank her whole family, specifically her mother, step-father and grandmother for their endless amounts of love, acceptance, and support. ‘Embedded,’ would not have been made without them. Many, many thanks, and endless gratitude. Cheers to what lies ahead!

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