$15 (*Film Block)

Narrative Short

16 minutes

Playing Sunday May 29 at 3:15 PM

After his release from the Army, Darryl Montague has become withdrawn and angry. An unexpected visit from his daughter who he has not seen in 20 years provides him with a distraction, and perhaps a new lease on life. As father and daughter attempt to build a relationship, Darryl learns his about his daughters secret, and the truth behind her desire to reunite, forcing him to make a choice and sacrifice that could change the course of their new-found friendship.

Christianna Carmine – Director

While Christianna spent much of her youth acting on stage, it wasn’t long before her focus began to move towards the art of Filmmaking. She became fascinated by what was taking place behind the camera, and worked on several projects as a PA in order to gain more knowledge. Some of these opportunities allowed her to closely observe the Directors she worked with, further piquing her curiosity.

In 2011, Christianna  wrote, and directed her first short film “To Live and Try in LA”, shot on 16mm. The film went on to Festivals, garnering a Best Screenplay nomination, as well as nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Actress. In late 2014, Christianna wrote, directed and produced her second short film, “Darryl”, about an Iraq War Veteran who reunites with his estranged daughter.

The film stars three-time Daytime Emmy winner, Michael E. Knight. and was cast almost entirely with Veterans of the US Armed Forces as a way to pay homage to their service and sacrifice. In the summer of 2016, Christianna will be directing her third short, “The Gate”

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