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The Colonel

Directed by Tim Williams

Short Narrative
United States | 21 min | 2016

“The Colonel” begins in 1969 when a heralded Marine, Hap Tasker, on the brink of promotion to Brigadier, is told he has a deficient heart that prevents him from future military service.

Crestfallen, he turns his disappointment into determination to continue serving his country through instructing his nation’s youth in his “time honored values.” Meanwhile, Glen Meadows, a freshly started prep school in Fort Worth is battling rebellion, entitlement and bankruptcy.

In addition, many of the students and the widowed Colonel deal with difficult family issues. Desperate, Chuck Holtz, the school’s headmaster hires the Colonel as athletic director and middle school football coach to unify the school by whipping the kids into shape.

Many are skeptical, but Colonel knows if he can get the kids to participate on his team, he can show them how to confront and overcome their personal demons.

The Colonel - Poster

The Colonel - Tim WilliamsTim Williams
Director, Producer, Writer

Texas native Tim Williams is an award-winning writer, director and producer of commercials, documentaries and feature shorts. His first job at 13 was picking cantaloupes in the arid fields of Presidio, Texas. Somehow, the heat and heavy lifting of farming would prove a fitting indoctrination to a career in filmmaking.

The second of three children of a retired Air Force Captain, Williams was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He attended Fort Worth Country Day School where he was coached and mentored by Lt. Colonel Ralph “C.” (Rocky) Rosacker USMC (Ret.). The Colonel’s instruction proved instrumental, helping Williams excel as a scholar athlete in creative writing, history and football. His success soon attracted offers to play football at Brown, Tulane and Colorado State University.

Williams went on to study literature and business management as well as play football at Colorado State. After an injury sidelined his football career, Williams transferred to the University of Arizona where he earned his B.A. in Journalism and Theater.

During college, Williams worked in the oil business driving 18-wheelers and operating hydraulic fracturing pumps in East Texas. Following graduation, Williams moved to Los Angeles and quickly earned positions in assorted film productions and acting roles on POLICE ACADEMY II, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, FIRST AND TEN, and many others. Williams continued to develop his writing and film skills at USC, enrolling in numerous cinema and television courses. In 1988, he returned to Texas to work as a set dresser on Oliver Stone’s BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY. In the years that followed, Williams worked on national and international projects for many Fortune 500 companies. Of note, in 2009 and 2010, Williams wrote, produced and directed two TV commercial campaigns for Tostitos; filmed in Baghdad and Balad, Iraq, respectively.

In addition to writing and directing the short for THE COLONEL, starring Kevin Durand (The Strain, Fruitvale Station), Williams holds all rights and has a completed feature-length screenplay of the project. Based on a true story, THE COLONEL is his sixth screenplay. Williams is also writing a multi-episode futuristic drama for television. For the past fifteen years, Tim Williams has owned and operated Thunderbolt Films, Inc., a commercial production company in Dallas where he lives with his wife, Mary and their dog, Dutch. They have four grown children.

Film Information

Director: Tim Williams
Country: United States
Year: 2016
Language: English
Runtime:  21 min


Writer: Tim Williams
Producer: Tim Williams, Frankey Dey, Cathy King
Executive Producers: Craig Kelly, Peter Courtney, Kelly Ryan, Dee Kelly Jr., John H. Williams, George M. Young Jr., Marshall Williams, Scott Nowlin, Mary Williams
Cinematographer/D.P.: Bill Schwarz
Composer: Judson Crane
Editor: Dean Pelton
First A.D.: George Sledge
Costumer: Rondi Davis
Post Production Sound: Roy Machado

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