Cold Winter’s Night

Cold Winter’s Night

$15 (*Film Block)

Narrative Short

16 Minutes

1313 Films

With her father ready to remarry one year after her mother’s death in battle, Clara struggles to accept the woman who will become her new mother. Clara recalls the Christmas Eve one year ago when her mother offered a precious gift: a toy soldier, passed down from generation to generation. When prompted to return to reality, Clara’s eyes fall upon a curious sight, the spirit of her mother walking out the door. Clara runs after her and into the forest below, but loses her bearings and becomes lost. Clara must find her way back home and back to her new life.

Gabe Figueroa – Director

Gabe Figueroa is a director and producer of both filmic and theatrical entertainment. His passion is creating art that celebrates and draws focus to critical conversations in our world. Gabe picked up his very first video camcorder within weeks of being ten years old. Since then, he has had a passion for capturing the world through those two art forms. His love for culture and travel greatly inform his directorial endeavors in film, with vividly remembered locales inspiring his newest ideas and becoming the setting for his stories.

Projects such as Cold Winter’s Night (2015) and AVALON (2014) both showcase a rich visual environment, transporting viewers to the snow covered forests of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains or the diverse, remote, Santa Catalina Island. Within these worlds, the cultural currency of the area informs the story and contributes to Gabe’s conversations on childhood, individuality, and social freedom. Quite often, these locales become an active contributor to the story themselves, affecting the character’s decisions and journey. Gabe focused on concepts of religions, misunderstanding, prejudice, and upbringing in his first short film at Chapman University, Oceanside (2012), and his short drama The Final Conversation (2013).

In all his works, Gabe displays a commitment to sharing stories with strong and empowered female characters in the leading roles, finding their voices hopeful and underrepresented in the current cinematic landscape.  With each new work, Gabe Figueroa reveals a memorable style that is informed by his visceral experiences within the world. Aside from producing and directing quality productions and films, he remains devoted to ensuring that each new positive endeavor is positive and memorable for all team members involved. He is grateful for each and every new work he is involved in, and always remains in anticipation of the next adventure.

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