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Sun. May 28, 2017 – 5:30 pm | The U.S. Navy Memorial Theater

Charlie & Sam

Directed by Ben Powell

Short Documentary
United States | 15 min | 2016

In 2016, fewer than 5% of American WWII veterans remain alive. Follow 97 year old WWII Naval Aviator Charlie Edwards as he travels to meet his old squadronmate Sam Takis for a final farewell — the first time they’ll have seen each other since the end of the war.

Charlie & Sam - Ben PowellBen Powell
Director, Producer, Writer

Ben hails from a musical background with a degree in Music from James Madison University. As such, he brings the artistic qualities, musical pacing, and meaningful engagement from that discipline and applies it to all the work he produces.

Ben primarily produces corporate commercial and branding videos.

Charlie & Sam is his first film.

Charlie & Sam - poster

Film Information

Director: Ben Powell
Country: United States
Year: 2016
Language: English
Runtime: 15 min


Producers: Ben Powell
Executive Producer: Taylor Powell
Cinematographer/DP:  Ben Powell
Writer: Ben Powell
Original Music/Composer: Doug Stanford

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