Cease Fire

Cease Fire

$15 (*Film Block)

Narrative Short

21 Minutes

Langolf Films

A temporary cease-fire during World War I has been issued causing the German and American troops to work together or starve. James Winston, a seasoned veteran, finds his fellow comrade injured on the outskirts of no man’s land. In order to save his life, Winston must seek out help from the most unlikely individual, a stern German soldier named Hans Stucher.

Darrell Langolf Jr – Director

Born and raised in Los Angles CA, Darrell has been writing since he was seven years old. His first completed story was at the age of 17 which was a short screenplay based on the award-winning video game Halo. Not wanting other people to direct what he writes, Darrell decided to peruse a directing career and enrolled into the Art Institute of California – Hollywood, where he studied digital filmmaking and video production. Throughout his 4 long years at AI, Darrell has had many roles ranging from, grip, PA, editor, director, writer, sound designer to even an actor (which he will never do again).

A huge military buff, Darrell used his love for WWI to write and direct his first major production Cease Fire, a WWI short film based off his great great grandfathers war experience. He hopes to continue his writing and directing career by turning the short film into a feature. When he is not engrossed into the world of film, Darrell likes to spend his free time playing video games, reading sci-fi novels and slapping away on his bass guitar. 

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