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Veterans & The Arts

Fri. May 26, 2017 – 12:30 pm | The U.S. Navy Memorial Theater

Bonus Time

Directed by Vito Pellicano

Short Documentary
United States | 30 min | 2016

Bonus Time, highlights three artists who art part of this generation’s Veteran Art Movement.

These artists have exhibited their works in Galleries, Museums and Educational Institutions across the United States and abroad. They are masters of their craft, both in medium and in concept and hold Master’s Degrees in Fine Arts.

The viewer will be able to witness their individual processes as well as learn how they create meaningful and powerful works that hope to inspire and engage others through contemplation and conversation.

The stories shared are personal reflections of their individual military experiences, but are often mirrored by many other Veterans, both past and present.

Bonus Time - Vito PellicanoVito Pellicano
Director, Producer

Bonus Time - Poster

Film Information

Director: Vito Pellicano
Country: United States
Year: 2016
Language: English
Runtime: 30 min


Producer: Vito Pellicano

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