Almost Home

Almost Home

$15 (*Film Block)

Narrative Short

14 Minutes

BJ Golnick Pictures, inc.

After years of battle on the frontlines in Afghanistan, an American marine returns home to mend a broken relationship with his dying father. He carries with him the haunting memories of war and a promise he kept to a fallen brother in arms. He may never be able to make peace with what he has seen and done overseas, but if he can make amends with the last living member of his family, maybe a piece of what he once was will return to him.

BJ Golnick – Director

Brandon (BJ) Golnick is an accomplished writer, director, cinematographer and editor, and a graduate of the University of Miami’s Motion Picture program. He balances shooting for television (his day gig) with a feature, commercial and music video work utilizing a diverse skill set to maximize his effect on the medium. From an early age, BJ has wanted to move people, to make them feel something they would not knowingly acknowledge.

Born in 1985 into a family that has been producing award-winning advertising and marketing projects for more than 60 years, his first trip overseas was while in his mother’s womb, as his parents traveled to Israel, Lebanon, and other Mid-East locales. BJ has continued to explore the world around him ever since, usually directing or serving as director of photography in some of the harshest environments on earth for such esteemed networks as the Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, TLC, the History Channel, Animal Planet and many others.

From Kenya and the Horn of Africa to the jungles of Central and South America, to islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, BJ’s eye and ability have painted compelling stories for audiences across the globe.

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