Barbed Wire

Women in War on Film Part I

When we think about films depicting war, it’s fair to say that for the most part (though not always) they are seen from a male perspective and Pola 2have a verymasculine feel.

How Silent Film Tackled War

When we think about film and how it portrays war, we are often…
The Big Parade | King Vidor

PTSD in Film as old as war and film

King Vidor’s majestic 1925 film The Big Parade is, for the time, probably the most realistic view of the Great War that had ever been committed to celluloid.
Buster Keaton | The General

Throwback Thursday: The General

Whilst DW Griffith and King Vidor chose the serious route in war films of that era, probably the lightest touch to a war film came in the form of The General, a Buster Keaton classic that was released in 1927.