GI Film Group, TUGG Inc. Launch First-Ever Community Screening Platform for Military Movies

Military movie collection available for community screenings at veteran service organization events, hospitals, schools, universities, churches and community centers in time for Veteran’s Day celebrations November 2014

Calling all Artists - Award Nominations are Now Open

Foundation to Recognize Innovative Writing, Photography, and Other Artistic Work Preserving Marine Corps History, Traditions, Culture and Service.

The Rise and Fall of Super 8

While both Kodak and Fujifilm have discontinued the production of Super 8 recording devices, they still produce a variety of Super 8 films. It is widely used till today for several special sequences and an inexpensive alternative to high definition video.

Attenborough: Actor, Director, Producer, Oscar Winner

Having celebrated its 51st anniversary in July, The Great Escape follows the attempts of Allied prisoners of war to escape a high-security German POW camp.

The Man on Screen and the Voice Behind the Microphone: Summer at Ease

As a small gesture to remember his huge legacy, I watched Good Morning, Vietnam (1987). Robin Williams has an astonishing way of instantly transporting me to my earlier years when watching him on screen would cause me to burst out laughing.

Apocalypse Now and Then: 'The Horror’ 35 Years Later

by Daniella Duarte As a Cinema Studies major there are many…

30 Explosive Years Since Red Dawn: Summer at Ease

Summer At Ease:  A look back at great military themed films…

US Extraction in Tears of the Sun: Summer At Ease

By Samson Imonode I look forward to re-watching this movie…

Two Decades Since Forrest Gump Changed our Lives

“Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates: you…

A Look Ahead at The interview

By Samson Imonde Although Kim Jong-un has complained to the…