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Summer Viewing: Must Watch Part 1

Follow the GI Film Festival this summer with a by-week breakdown of what films to view that recount historical events. Portraying the military on screen can be a bit tricky. Critics argue that films too often glorify or romanticize the realities of war. Others suggest that military films are historically inaccurate or misguided. The truth […]

Top 5 Underrated Military Dads in Film

I could never understand why movies and TV shows typecast military fathers as the Great Santini—the regimented, controlling, and emotionally distant parent. If anything, when I reflect on growing up in military communities, military dads know their time at home is precious and are actively involved in their children’s lives. Serving one’s country and family […]

A Look at Veteran Nation with James Carafano

Veteran Nation, executively produced by Army veteran James Carafano, explores the treatment of veterans throughout decades of war. The documentary features inspirational interviews from veterans of all branches of the service and encourages community involvement to honor their sacrifice. James was inspired to make the film after learning about a community service group in Montana […]

4PM Film Block Today: Bighorn

Bighorn, by Alfred Thomas Catalfo, is a supernatural/fantasy film that links two different events—Custer’s last stand in 1876 and the 2002 Super Bowl game. Many of Custer’s soldiers are played by re-enactors who are veterans, including one who served in the 7th Cavalry Regiment in Vietnam. In 2002, the New England Patriots won their first […]

Showing at 1:30PM: Choc’late Soldiers from the USA

Choc’late Soldiers from the USA, directed by Noel Izon, tells the story of thousands of African-American soldiers who were sent to Britain during WWII.  These soldiers, members of segregated Army units, were engaged in preparations for the Normandy invasion. Bonds formed between the American soldiers and British civilians as the soldiers introduced the Brits to […]

Behind Exit Wound with Hunter Holocombe

In his documentary Exit Wound, director Hunter Holcombe presents the story of Sgt. Chess Johnson. While serving in Iraq, Johnson was shot through the eye, ending his military career. Depressed and suffering from post traumatic stress, he reverted to alcoholism and drug addiction. Johnson found a way to cope by participating in a program to […]