My name is Casey Stafford, I am a US Army Veteran, artist, and aspiring actor.

The GI Film festival is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006 by Brandon Millett and Major Laura Law-Millet, it’s mission is to provide a platform for the military community so that their stories of courage will be heard, seen, and felt through film and television.

GIFF 2017 is an incredibly vital tool in connecting our veterans and civilians. I can tell you first hand that one of the most difficult things a veteran can do is relate to someone who has not experienced war.

The GI Film Festival is an opportunity for filmmakers of any level to use their creative abilities and talents to offer some insight on the realities of the military and combat.

I know many veterans and active service members who have seen the arts as the antithesis of what the military and battle stands for, but through destruction comes creation and the GIFF is the perfect example of that.

GI Film Festival | Casey Stafford Review

GI Film Festival

The benefits of the GI Film Festival are endless. There are aspiring actors waiting to be discovered, amazing creative geniuses who can tell a story and put you right into the action while doing it, and plenty of film industry professionals who are in support of veteran organizations looking to make a project a production in thanks of our heroes.

The biggest benefit to remember is that the men and women of our military receive recognition for their deeds through a mainstream event and are able to bridge the gap between military and civilian life.

Casey Stafford | US Army Vet

Casey Stafford | US Army Vet, artist, aspiring actor.

GI Film Festival screens dozens of projects including feature films, documentaries, short films, student films, and international films all based around the military. Short films created by veterans and active duty military are also submitted to the festival.

The GI Film Festival is held in Washington D.C. Attendees include veterans and military families as well as famous producers, actors, and directors though tickets are available to the general public.

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Casey Stafford | US Army VeteranMy name is Casey Stafford, I am a US Army Veteran, artist, and aspiring actor.

I would like to connect with filmmakers who support veterans so that I can someday be a part of the film industry while still supporting all those who came before and after me.

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Gary Sinise as Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump – 9in × 12in charcoal and graphite.
JUST finished this piece up. Mr. Sinise is a beacon of hope for veterans like myself and I hope to one day meet the man.

Thank you to all who run the GI Film Festival.
GI Film Festival