A Strategy for Indie Creatives

By George Ohan
U.S. Army Veteran

I’m an independent film producer who helps people understand entertainment business as a sustainable career. Most “indie creative” people do not have a solid plan or strategy for success when they start their journey. Entertainment business knowledge is necessary for everyone who wishes to work with other professionals in the industry. Some of the things that you can learn in a quick conversation with people who have experience might never be taught in a classroom. Are you asking the right questions, to the right people?

Many new filmmakers and indie creative people get frustrated in the beginning of their careers because they simply do not follow the rules. Yes, there are rules to everything, and once you know the rules, then you can break the rules. Are you properly building relationships with people who matter? Do you “follow-up” with people who give you their contact information in a timely manner and with interesting information? How can you offer value to someone before asking them for something? How do you build trust, credibility, and rapport with a new potential client? Think strategically.

You don’t need 1 million followers to be successful. You need to find 1,000 TRUE fans and that is enough to launch your career. Can you get 1,000 people to give you $40 each, for a service that you provide? If so, you’ve independently earned a $40,000 per year income in entertainment business. Who are these 1,000 people? How can you turn a Facebook friend into a customer? An independent actor, model, or filmmaker must learn how to charge people for money.

Making Connections

A great start for “Entertainment Business Networking” a.k.a. “Making New Friends” is the GI Film Festival. You need connections, you need many of them, you need these connections, FAST! From May 24 – May 28, 2017 your life WILL change, if done right. Reach out to ALL of the people who have projects in our festival on social media or via email before arriving in Washington, D.C. this year. Attend the GI Film Festival with a plan, prepare questions for the Q&A after the screenings, exchange information at the mixers, and follow up with your newly gained contacts and friends.

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Contact the staff at GI Film Festival with any questions about making your #GIFF2017 experience as amazing as possible. We are here to provide a platform of media success for our military veterans, their families, and the civilians who support them. Volunteers and interns are always welcome to help.

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My name is George Ohan and I am an international filmmaker with connections to talent, crew, entertainment business professionals, film festivals, and more. Film is made to provoke thought, and I’m confident that #GIFF2017 will do just that. Sponsorship opportunities are open:

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