The movie trailer, do we love it?

By George Ohan
U.S. Army Veteran

The GI Film Festival is excited to announce “Trailer Wars” for GIFF 2017. Imagine a bracket of 16 film trailers going heads up, starting from April 2017 and running until the start of the festival. It’s the March Madness of military film trailers, and we can’t wait!

MilitaryTimesMake sure that you vote on your favorite trailer every week at until we can narrow it down to our lucky winner, who will be announced once the festival is kicked off in Washington, D.C. this May.

GIFF officials have made it easier for us to support the independent filmmakers who have projects screening at the GI Film Festival, by creating a weekly “Trailer War” between 16 films, for the general public to vote on. There are over 50 amazing military themed films screening here at #GIFF2017 this year.

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GI Film Festival - Trailer Wars | Military Times

MilitaryTimes GIFF Trailer Wars

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We love watching film trailers because they can give us good insight about the tone and feeling of the journey that we’re preparing to go on. Trailers are especially important at a film festival like GIFF because people may think that many of the stories would be similar in genre. By watching the trailer we can identify what makes each film unique.

Don’t you hate it when a trailer is misleading? We do too! Now it’s time for you to be the judge and let us know what you think. This “Trailer War” is meant to be fun for you and for our filmmakers who have movies screening at the GI Film Festival this year. Watch the trailers, get to know the projects, and vote on your favorite trailer every week. Trailers can be used strictly for marketing, but we hope that you see our trailers as a sneak peek into a story that you’d be interested to learn more about.

Sometimes for popular Hollywood movies fans make trailers of their own. It would be awesome if one of our GIFF trailers inspire fans to create an original movie trailer for one of the films that we screen this year. We hope to connect fans and filmmakers through cinema and story-telling at the GI Film Festival.

Will you be attending the GI Film Festival this year? Before the festival we battle it out during “Trailer Wars” until one film is voted as the winner. Watch the trailers, vote on your favorites, and share it!

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