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By J.G. Franklin

I was recently and very kindly offered the opportunity to be a guest blogger for the Fulton Film Company. The topic – film festivals. As an international actor film festivals worldwide are very important to me personally.

The G.I. Film Festival in particular seems to occupy a much needed and, until now, poorly represented niche in the film industry.

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The mission of the GI Film Festival is “to preserve the stories of the American GI and honor their service and sacrifices through the medium of film and TV”. Aside from my personal, political opinion regarding the U.S. military and how it is used, the effort to preserve historical truths that truly honor the many heroic sacrifices that have occurred in the past IS very important and worthwhile.

I would like to add that along with the truth of said events being remembered it is equally important to NOT gloss over the other side of history.

Entertainment Business Leader | Fresno CA

Though I have never, until now, been involved in the G.I. Film Festival personally, I think it is safe to assume, based on the fact that so many of those involved are intimately acquainted with their respective stories and can offer a real insider perspective, that they have, through their now 11 year history, done an admirable job of representing and showcasing well-made, historically accurate, thought-provoking and evocative films that span the globe and relate worthwhile stories of courage, sacrifice and, hopefully, real patriotism.

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Wings Over Wendy's | GIFF George OhanAn actor’s primary job is to be as truthful as possible regardless of what that uncovers. With that in mind, I would like nothing more than to be involved with filmmakers from the G.I. Film Festival who are, unlike me, veterans who have first-hand knowledge of some of the world’s most recent and controversial events. I would happily welcome any opportunity to be made aware of all the facts possible in my personal, patriotic journey to become the best actor I can be.”

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My name is George Ohan and I am an international filmmaker with connections to talent, crew, entertainment business professionals, film festivals, and more. Film is made to provoke thought, and I’m confident that #GIFF2017 will do just that. Sponsorship opportunities are open:

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