Should I go to a Film Festival?

Film lovers and independent filmmakers should attend film festivals to meet like-minded people who love movies. Below you will see a list of things that a person would consider before attending a festival of their choice.

What do I do at a film festival?

  • Pass out your business cards to people who you’d like to connect with
  • Attend every possible industry panel and film screening with Q & A
  • Follow up with each person who gives you contact information within 72 hours
  • Be on time, all the time
  • Make notes after important conversations

Is it expensive to attend a film festival?

  • Be a volunteer at any festival that you’d like to attend
  • Offer your services in exchange for a festival pass
  • Buy tickets to individual screenings that you want to attend only
  • Travel with friends and share costs
  • Ask people who have attended that festival about a “survival guide”

What do I do at a film festival

What happens at a film festival?

  • Filmmakers who are producing quality projects meet each other
  • Gather information about upcoming productions that you may want to work on
  • Meet festival sponsors and board members with connections
  • Recruit film crew and talent for your future films
  • Film screenings of independent projects followed by Q & A with filmmakers

Who do I talk to at a film festival?

  • Everyone who will listen to you
  • Make a list of people who you want to meet
  • Why do you want to meet certain people; have questions prepared
  • Ask the audience questions about their experience at the festival
  • Board members, Jury members, filmmakers

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What is my pitch?

  • What can I tell people about myself
  • Can I explain my project in less than 2 minutes
  • Have a specific ASK
  • Who is my target audience for my pitch
  • Rehearsals are key to pitching better

I would encourage any independent filmmaker to attend the GI Film Festival in Washington D.C. from May 24 – May 28, 2017. You will enjoy 5 days of greatness at the 11th season of the “Sundance for the Troops” in D.C. this year. -George Ohan


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