Future Actor Believes Communication Can Open Doors

by Joonsung Oh

A rising sophomore at the United States Military Academy, Cadet Marquis Watson brings excitement and creativity to the GI Film festival internship team. If he’s not rehearsing monologues, Marquis could be doing a variety of other activities, such as watching Friends, tweeting, or dancing. He also loves to sing which he dabbles in occasionally. It also wouldn’t be surprising if you heard Marquis singing in French; as a French language major, he enjoys studying the culture and practicing his ability to communicate with others. Marquis believes that learning another language can help you understand others and their cultures, which can open many doors.


Marquis definitely does not close any doors when it comes to providing unique answers about who is. For example, he stated that if he could be any animal, he’d be a turtle.  Like a turtle, Marquis can be fragile, yet tough; and believes that he will live a long and prosperous life.  Songs which describes his life, are Paramore’s “Ain’t it Fun” and Nicki Minaj’s “Moment for Life.” He believes the first captures the feeling of transitioning from high school to college, and the latter reminds him of the good times he had with his friends. If Marquis could be friends with, or at least meet, any historical figure, he would choose George Washington because he greatly admires the original trailblazing president as a leader and role model.



Hailing from the inner city of South Side Chicago, Marquis loves the endless amount of activities available and the interesting people residing in his hometown.  As a lover of theater and the arts, it makes sense that Marquis is a moviegoer. He’s a big fan of action/adventure movies, but Marquis also enjoys watching military movies. He loves Nick Castle’s Major Payne, a lighter comedic military movie.  Yet, Marquis’ favorite actors: Denzel Washington, Christian Bale, and Viola Davis, are not well-known for comedic roles. Marquis is also a big fan of Disney movies, especially The Good Dinosaur. He believes the movie has a great mix of emotions, and it reminds him of movies from back in the day.


Marquis believes that he will be able to apply what he learns through the internship to his future as an Army officer, and possibly to his pursuit of becoming a successful actor. He wants to gain a better understanding of how non-profit organizations run, and how military veterans can make a mark in the acting scene. When he graduates from the Academy, Marquis wants to branch Adjutant General and then pursue a masters of fine arts in theater. With his lively personality, warmth, and creativity, it would not be surprising to see him winning a Tony or Golden Globe the next time you turn on the television.


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