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Filmmaker Bootcamp: Surviving the Festival Circuit with Jon Gann

Want to learn to navigate the festival circuit?  Meet the man who literally wrote the book on it.  Author of Behind the ScreensProgrammers Reveal How Film Festivals Really Work


At the “Guerrilla Finance and Distribution Boot Camp,” you can learn from expert Jon Gann on how to navigate film festivals. In his book, “Behind the Screens: Programmers Reveal How Film Festivals Really Work”, Jon Gann examines how 16 programmers and organizers curate, collect, watch and select films for their festivals. The frank insights reveal the inner workings of an industry that is often misunderstood.


GIFF Filmmaker Boot Camp

GIFF Filmmaker Boot Camp

Through Reel Plan, Jon consults with filmmakers on the festival circuit. His “festival tips” blog is read by hundreds of filmmakers every week, and through his work, has bridged the communication gap between competing film festivals, so all can share film information, sponsor strategies and filmmaker data.

As a filmmaker, Jon’s notable past projects include: “Cyberslut,” the first gay­themed short film to screen at over 50 festivals and broadcasts worldwide; “Signs,” a national 48 Hour Film Project award winner, and “Offline,” a modern dating parable.

Jon has presented at over 100 universities, film organizations and film festivals worldwide, and has spoken at the International Film Festival Summit and TEDxWDC.

This session is one of nine in the “Guerrilla Finance and Distribution Boot Camp,” which will give DC area filmmakers set to receive a semester’s worth of training and networking in one jam-packed day.

“This is the most high-powered, dynamic boot camp we’ve ever had the privilege of hosting,” said GIFF President and Co-Founder Brandon Millett. “Anyone interested in the business of filmmaking, from rookies to seasoned veterans, will not want to miss the opportunity to network with the top flight movers and shakers we have scheduled to participate. The pace will be breathtaking for sure as we plan to pack a semester’s worth of knowledge into one jam-packed day.”


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