BYOB (Be Your Own Brand)

Filmmaker Bootcamp: BYOB (Be Your Own Brand) with Brian Iglesias

Want to self-distribute your film and keep control over your enterprise?  Learn from a former Marine who turned a documentary into a feature film, graphic novel and animated series.

Branding is the foundation of everything you will do to pitch and promote your project. Learn how to self-distribute your film and maintain control of your enterprise from Brian Iglesias, Founder and CEO of Veterans Expeditionary Media, LLC. This former Marine turned CHOSIN, a documentary on the Korean War, into a feature film, graphic novel and animated series.

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Brian has over ten years of experience from development through post-production on feature films, commercials, web content, live events, and graphic novels. Since forming Veterans Expeditionary Media in 2009, he has produced four feature films, three graphic novels, and co-produced the New York City Veterans Day Parade for television.

Brian enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1995 and worked his way up to the rank of staff sergeant before attending film school at Temple University. After 13 years of active duty, which included deployments in Iraq and the Pacific Iglesias joined the reserves, and currently holds the rank of major. Brian holds an MBA from the Whitman School of Business at Syracuse University. He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, Stacey, and their two boys, Alex and Andrew.

This session is one of nine in the “Guerrilla Finance and Distribution Boot Camp,” which will give DC area filmmakers set to receive a semester’s worth of training and networking in one jam-packed day.

“This is the most high-powered, dynamic boot camp we’ve ever had the privilege of hosting,” said GIFF President and Co-Founder Brandon Millett. “Anyone interested in the business of filmmaking, from rookies to seasoned veterans, will not want to miss the opportunity to network with the top flight movers and shakers we have scheduled to participate. The pace will be breathtaking for sure as we plan to pack a semester’s worth of knowledge into one jam-packed day.”


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