Uncovering “16 Photographs of Ohrdruf” with Matthew Nash

Armed with only a small stack of his grandfather’s photos, filmmaker Matthew Nash embarks on a journey to uncover the incredible story of the first soldiers to uncover the Holocaust in his film 16 Photographs at Ohrdruf.

“Finding my grandfather’s photos of the Holocaust, and hearing President Obama talk about his Great Uncle who liberated a camp–it turned out to be Ohrdruf– the same camp my grandfather photographed,” Matthew said, sharing his inspiration for making the film.

A professor by trade, Matthew stresses the importance of asking tough questions.

“What stories can my family tell, what history can we reveal? How do we keep the stories of the soldiers, especially those who saw the atrocities, alive for future generations?” he asks audiences.

Matthew said he learned about veterans’ incredible spirit of generosity, adding that he still keeps in contact with many of the veterans he worked with on the film.

16 Photographs at Ohrdruf will play during the 2013 GIFF at the AMC Shirlington Theater in Arlington, VA at 4:30pm on Sunday, May 12th. Learn more about the film here.

Photo credit: Sean Collins

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